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Obama’s Christmas Present from the Senate

There were no surprises on Christmas Eve as liberal Democrats, under the leadership of Senator Harry Reid, forced through the most corrupt piece of legislation written during my lifetime just so Obama might garner one “accomplishment” to tout during his State of the Union address next month.  This is the Democrats’ Christmas Present to Obama, to be financed with the generous credit of both current and future taxpayers. The only saving grace of this legislation is that Senators like Olympia Snowe resisted the urge to vote for passage and denied any flimsy claims of “bipartisanship.”

Never before has our Congress been more arrogant than in the current legislative battle. In one fell swoop, they’ve delivered a package Americans overwhelmingly oppose, dismantled the Constitution, and provided a road-map for the destruction of private sector medicine and high quality care in the United States–and the liberal leadership calls this “business as usual.”

Our only hope for killing this destructive legislation now lies with Democrats’ internal strife over two issues: abortion and the public “option.”  Assuming the House does not pass the Senate bill in its current form, the bill will–at least theoretically–go to conference.  Reid and Pelosi will once again have to convince Congressional Democrats that building monuments for Obama is a more noble cause than supporting their constituents.  While this is not an impossible task when you view the American taxpayer as an unlimited source of free bribe money, it will undoubtedly be an uphill battle.  It will be extremely difficult for Reid to force the Senate to swallow any plan that includes the a Socialistic “Public Option” and anything less than the Stupak abortion language which Pelosi has vowed to remove could fracture the slim majority in the House.

If it does pass, we can count on a long court battle focused on the Constitutionality of the individual mandate and Senator Reid’s state bribes which include the “Second Louisiana Purchase” and “Cornhusker Kickback.”  In a rare return to Conservatism, Senator Lindsay Graham has already asked the SC Attorney General to prepare a legal challenge; however, it is worth noting that the Supreme Court tends to look for a convoluted justification to uphold Constitutionality rather than addressing the blatant unconstitutionality of Congressional actions.  It would be much better to stop this in its tracks than attempt to repeal it once it has passed.