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WRAL Won’t Write About Democrat Moe Davis’ calls to “Stomp on their Necks” Until you Hear a “Crisp Snap”

Can you imagine if Moe Davis’ Republican opponent, Madison Cawthorn, had routinely called for Republicans to stomp on and snap the necks of Democrats over the last two years? The Raleigh press would be having a field day.

I’m old enough to remember when the New York Times blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords before sheepishly admitting “no such link was established.”

Curiously, WRAL has an entire write-up about a Georgia candidate whose Facebook post with a rifle was “removed for inciting violence,” but when you search for “Moe Davis,” the top results are all articles about his opponent, Madison Cawthorn.

Screenshot of WRAL.com search results for "Moe Davis"

Your Taxes Pay for William Barber’s Liberal Activism

The left loves William Barber, but you’re paying his salary. The liberal lecturer made his name protesting nearly every piece of legislatio Republicans proposed after taking control of the North Carolina General Assembly for the first time in more the century back in 2010.

He has since carved out a niche for himself, siphoning millions in government grants to fund his ideological siege on North Carolina and the nation.

According to Repairers of the Breach Inc’s IRS Form 990, in 2017 99.6% of the organization’s $2,514,676 in income came from government grants. In 2018, 98.1% of the organization’s $2,622,139 in income came from your tax dollars. The 2019 Form 990 was not available at the time of publication.

These funds are used to Get Out the Vote (for Democrats), and lobby for pet Democrat legislation. Repairers of the Breach Inc’s “Poor People’s Campaign” advocates, among other things, halting deportations, bailing out insolvent municipalities, Medicaid expansion, and massive tax increases.

Title image by DonkeyHotey on Flickr, cc by 2.0.