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For GOP, NO is Only Option on Senate Health Bill

Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) is making headlines again after rescinding her support for the Senate version of the Democrats’ Health Care Bill.  While the left is furious because they will no longer be able to claim bipartisan support, this is the right choice.  Make no mistake; this legislation is toxic.  The Democrats are in a race against public opinion which plummets every time new information about the legislation is released.  A mere 34% of the American public think passing the Senate bill is better than doing absolutely nothing.  Reid and the Liberal leadership have dolled out hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to bribe members of their own party for support.  We are witnessing both the hostile takeover of our Health Care system, and the gross undermining of the democratic process.

If this legislation is going to pass, then the Democrats need to own it … completely.  If our government is going to pry away one sixth of our economy, then it needs to happen without any Republican consent.  Anything short of unanimous opposition, and the Democrats will once again claim bipartisan support as Rep. Steny Hoyer did after the House bill managed to garner just one Republican vote.  The liberal Democrats will then proceed–as they always do–to blame any of the legislation’s shortcomings on “concessions” to attract GOP support.  The only way to force the Democrats to own this destructive legislation–and its consequences–is to force them to “ram it through” alone.  If the bill passes without GOP support, then “concessions” for the GOP were clearly unnecessary, and the left-wing pundits proliferating the news media will be unable to pin the blame on Republicans when the legislation fails to lower costs or increase access to care.

When Americans are drowning in new taxes and suffering through significantly diminished quality of medical care, it will be the Democrats, and only the Democrats, who deceived the American people and forced through a bill that nobody wanted just to score one victory notch on Barack Obama’s belt. If however, one single Republican steps across and votes for this monumental catastrophe, history dictates this lone Republican will receive all of the blame, and liberalism will be absolved once again of the destruction it creates.  I can only hope Joseph Cao was an anomaly.