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Sen. Reid’s Plan to Cure Your Christmas Cheer

Harry-ReidHaving failed so far to produce the sixty votes necessary to pass a potentially unconstitutional health “care” bill in the Senate, Senator Reid has proposed a new deadline. The liberal Democrat majority leader wants to attempt to force a vote on the Senate Bill on Christmas Eve.  Reid has chosen this time for two reasons: first, it is about as late as he can go to still have a final bill on Obama’s desk before the State of the Union speech in January.  Second, and most importantly, it is the one night ordinary Americans will be least likely to show up and protest the proceedings.  Just like Queen Pelosi in the House, he will attempt to force this monstrosity onto the American people at the eleventh hour.  Never-mind the bill will achieve none of its stated goals and will only exacerbate the current system’s problems; after decades of failure, the liberals will have finally obtained socialized heath care and destroyed a major sector of the United States economy.

During his campaign, President Obama promised the American people transparency.  He said the debates would be “broadcast live on C-SPAN” so that we would know what our legislators were planning.  He promised to make the legislation available to the public before any major decision.  I pity those who actually believed his empty rhetoric.

If we are to believe capturing 53% of the American voice–in an election between pseudo-liberal and liberal–constitutes a “mandate,” then the current numbers–as many as 61% oppose the plan–are a sign from God himself that Americans don’t want this “reform.”  They don’t want the government stepping between them and their doctors, or some nameless bureaucrat determining the best treatment options.  Americans don’t want “Kennedy Care;” they want Kennedy’s care–the best care they can afford from the best doctor they can find without the government standing in their way.

Unfortunately, Senator Reid’s bill isn’t about improving the system.  It isn’t about providing choices–if it were, they could start by allowing Americans to purchase insurance across state lines and eliminating burdensome coverage mandates.  This bill is about seizing control over another segment of our lives and feeding the insatiable liberal desire for power.  That’s why Mr. Reid want’s to pass this bill while no one is looking.