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Why Obama Needs Health Care by Christmas

obama-fail1There is one major reason why Obama needs the diabolical health “care” scheme currently being considered in Congress to pass before the end of the year.  ObamaCare is his signature issue.  At this point, nearly a quarter of the way through his term, he has suffered an incredible drop in popularity and hemorrhaged enough points to grant himself a lower approval rating than Jimmy Carter at the equivalent point in the former President’s failed tenure.  After almost an entire year, our President has no achievements.  The so-called “mandate for change” hasn’t produced any results.  Obama has done nothing to improve our economy, stalled for months on Afghanistan only to accept a very “Bush-esque” war plan, and failed miserably in his attempt to free the terrorists from “Club Gitmo.”

If he doesn’t have a Health Care bill to sign within the next few weeks, he will have nothing to talk about in his January 2010 State of the Union address.  Though the media has done well to cover for the President while his administration continues to blame his predecessor, the fact of the matter is things are worse now than they were a year ago.  For all the jobs supposedly “created or saved,” far more have been lost.  The economy is in the tank, and yet the only idea the Democrats have been able to come up with to revive our nation is to, as Nancy Pelosi would put it, come together to pay additional new taxes.  How the liberals in power can possibly consider this a solution to our present problems is entirely incomprehensible.

Furthermore, if he doesn’t pass this road-map to a failed Single Payer system now, it will probably never happen.  The Democrats have been waiting for years for a second chance after the HillaryCare debacle.  They’ve used every tactic in their playbook of deception, and the American people still haven’t bought the lie.  Given the ever rising tide of public opposition–currently, over 50% of Americans oppose ObamaCare–and decreasing proximity of the 2010 midterm elections, Obama knows there is little hope for this bill if it doesn’t pass now.  His signature item could go down in flames right before his narcissistic eyes.