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The Ultimate Twitter and Facebook Image Template for Advertisers

If you’re planning to advertise (or promote) your Facebook posts, there are additional restrictions you need to follow to keep Facebook from rejecting your ads. The biggest of these is the 20% text restriction.

Although this limit is listed in Facebook’s requirements, they don’t explain how they calculate it. To calculate the text percentage, Facebook draws a 5×5 grid over the portion of the ad visible in the timeline view. If text covers any portion of a square, the whole square is counted. If your text covers more than 5 squares, your ad will likely be rejected.

To make sure my ads are compliant, I’ve created a PSD with guides dividing the center portion of the image into a 5×5 grid which you can download here. If you make sure your text only covers 5 blocks, you shouldn’t have any problems with ad rejection.

Click here to download the Ultimate Twitter and Facebook Image Template for Advertisers.

Note: I recommend setting the template file to “Read-Only” to keep you from accidentally saving over it. Once you’ve made your changes, just make sure to click “Save As.”

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  • I hear that PPTP is not as secure as OpenVPN, or IPSEC. Do you agree? If so, can this same procedure be done for one of those other, more secure, protocols?


    • You could use the same procedure for getting the basic server up and running, but you’d need different packages. I don’t believe pptpd supports anything other than PPTP connections. You would need to install and configure OpenVPN or an L2TP/IPsec server package.

  • Hey, I’m not sure where to get “the HTML code for your desired signature.”??

  • I’ve tried every way to Sunday to make this work but it just doesn’t. I’m desperate to get our company logo embedded into our email signatures. When I view the .webarchive file in Text Wrangler, nowhere does MIME appear in the code. I’m following the steps to the letter. Any suggestions?