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WRAL Won’t Write About Democrat Moe Davis’ calls to “Stomp on their Necks” Until you Hear a “Crisp Snap”

Screenshot of Moe Davis tweet

Can you imagine if Moe Davis’ Republican opponent, Madison Cawthorn, had routinely called for Republicans to stomp on and snap the necks of Democrats over the last two years? The Raleigh press would be having a field day.

I’m old enough to remember when the New York Times blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords before sheepishly admitting “no such link was established.”

Curiously, WRAL has an entire write-up about a Georgia candidate whose Facebook post with a rifle was “removed for inciting violence,” but when you search for “Moe Davis,” the top results are all articles about his opponent, Madison Cawthorn.

Screenshot of WRAL.com search results for "Moe Davis"