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Pod Bros: Obama “Barely Had A Majority” After 2008 Election

Jon Favreau Broadcasting at a Wooden Table

This is what happens when the straight shooting centrist on your team was a speechwriter for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and you don’t have anyone in your orbit to call out your BS. Crooked Media’s Jon Favreau actually believes “the main reason that Barack Obama was not able to pass even more Progressive legislation” was because entered office with a Senate that was “barely Democratic.” If he’d only had a few more Democrats….

PSA: It’s the Pod Bros, so be grateful there’s only 1 F-bomb in the audio below.

Back in the real world, Barack Obama entered office with a 57-41 majority (no, you don’t get to pretend Bernie Sanders is an independent) that quickly swelled to a filibuster proof 60 seat majority as contentious races were finally brought to a close.

Far from holding the majority for “only a couple months” as Favreau idiotically claims, Democrats held the Senate for the entirety of Obama’s first term in office and half of his second term. They held a filibuster proof majority for not one, not two, but more than six months, a full 184 days of which Congress was in session for 173 days.

Favreau and co-host Dan Pfeiffer can whine about Democrats being out of power now, but they’re not even close to the complete and total destitution of the 111th Congress’ Republican caucus. For a quarter of the session, Republicans couldn’t even slow down, much less stop, any part of Obama’s agenda.

It’s not the right’s fault Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid chose to squander the Democrats’ legislative majorities by ramming through unpopular, destructive legislation that ultimately helped knock more than 1000 Democrats out of office nationwide during Obama’s tenure.