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James O’Keefe Rips Katie Couric’s Deceptive Editing

For years, every time James O’Keefe releases a new video exposé, he has been accused of selectively editing the targets to make them look bad. He routinely releases the full, un-edited recordings of his exploits, a standard never applied to traditional news organizations to no avail.

On Wednesday, the Washington Free Beacon published raw audio of the interview provided to them by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a Second Amendment advocacy organization.

As you can see for yourself int the video, the raw audio reveals that Katie Couric engaged in exactly the same sort of deceptive editing that liberal outlets routinely accuse O’Keefe of perpetrating.

Given the media hounding O’Keefe has faced over false accusations of deception, how do you expect these same organizations to react now that Couric and her team have been caught red handed? If you said, “they’ll ignore it because Couric is pushing gun control,” congratulations; you’re appropriately cynical.

Media Matters, which currently has 20 pages of articles on O’Keefe, has written nothing about Couric’s deception. The only piece I could find about Couric’s Under the Gun at the “media watchdog” site blasts NRA News’ Cam Edwards for questioning Couric’s journalistic integrity. I think they owe him an apology.

At the New York Times, the allegations are downplayed to “site claims” as if no evidence were offered of Couric’s deception. The writers are sure to note the news was broken by a “conservative news site” and explain to their audience that the Free Beacon audio only “seemed to differ from the video shown in the documentary” as if Couric’s edits weren’t obvious.

Rather than call a spade a spade, the Times subjugates itself to the narrative, carrying Under the Gun director Stephanie Soechtig’s absurd editing spin virtually unchallenged.


If you believe this edit was just unintentional and it’s just a coincidence that it made the VCDL members look stumped, I’ve got a bridge to sell you; give me a call.