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Alert the Black Lives Matter Movement: ‘Gotham’ Draws Down On Unarmed Looters

The media never misses a chance to portray law enforcement as trigger-happy and itching to use excessive force. In a scene plucked straight from the rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, “Gotham’s” Officer Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) draws his service weapon on a group of unarmed, hoodie-wearing looters as they attempt to abscond with a street vendor’s trinkets in the second season premiere episode “Damned If You Do…”

As if Gordon’s over-reaction wasn’t ridiculous enough on its own merits, it also comes immediately after he holstered his weapon to arrest a violent criminal who had already discharged a firearm in public and threatened an innocent civilian. If killing an armed criminal in self-defense is “too much paperwork,” I can’t imagine the clerical Everest he’d have to summit for discharging a firearm to stop petty theft.

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