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Elephants vs. RINOs

Elephant-v-RINOFor the past several years, the Republican Party has been told the only way they can achieve electoral success is to move towards the left.  If this were true, then John McCain–the ultimate RINO–would have won the 2008 Presidential election in a landslide.  Instead, many true Conservatives sat out last November, and 73% think the GOP has lost touch with its base, numbers Rasmussen says have remained virtually unchanged since April[1. Rasmussen Reports.  “73% of GOP Voters Say Congressional Republicans have Lost Touch with Their Base.” http://bit.ly/4tdbwO.].  A quick look at New York reveals that some party leaders haven’t gotten the message.  The Party officially backed Dede Scozzafava, a woman who is so far left that calling her a RINO is almost a compliment.  She reportedly supports the stimulus, cap-and-trade, increased taxes, card check, and Health Care “Reform,” and Republicans in the twenty-third district are calling for her to drop out of the race.  Meanwhile, I have yet to hear an explanation from the moderates for her plummeting poll numbers.

To the Tea Party crowd, the explanation is obvious.  Conservatives are tired of moderate Republicans who always seem to betray the party just when the GOP needs their vote.  True Conservatives understand that the RINOs are nothing but a burden on the party.  By supporting Liberal Democrat policies of expanded government control and unchecked spending, this political minority effectively undermines the fragile image of the GOP as the party of Constitutional values and limited government.  The GOP will never return to prominence so long as Republican remains synonymous with Liberal lite.  Democrats know this, why do you think they are constantly encouraging Republicans to step towards the “center?”  It is, and always will be, a losing strategy.  Liberals aren’t going to vote for Republicans when they have their own candidate, and it’s difficult to motivate Conservatives to support a candidate they know will eventually betray them. Even the pollsters acknowledge that the mythical “centrists” are virtually nonexistent[2. Gallup. “Conservative Democrats, Liberal Republicans Hard to Find.” http://bit.ly/3UlClh.].

It’s unclear why the Republican Party is unwilling to support candidates who will actually hold true to Conservative doctrine.  Despite current efforts to destroy our Constitution and socialize the United States, the country as a whole still leans to the right.  Conservatives outnumber Liberals in all fifty states[1. Gallup.  Political Ideology: “‘Conservative’ Label Prevails in South.”  http://bit.ly/1BDR6g.].  If the Republican leadership accepted this simple truth, the Democrats wouldn’t stand a chance in any national election.  Many Congressional Democrats are already on thin ice for 2010, but without a true opposition they will never fall.  Unfortunately, in order for the GOP to regain power in Congress, the Party must abandon its “less faithful” members.  Michael Steele should start by abandoning any Congressional Republicans who vote for the Health Care takeover.  If Olympia Snowe and her cohorts want to vote like Liberal Democrats, then they should be forced to vote as Liberal Democrats.  There is no room for RINOs in the future of the Republican Party.