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Gun Control Group Promotes PSA Encouraging Kids to Steal Guns, Commit Felonies

Asked to retweet an anti-gun PSA that encourages children to steal their parents firearms and turn them in at school, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) was more than happy to comply.

Despite the video’s violation of numerous gun safety guidelines and its encouragement of multiple felonies, CSGV’s only gripe with the video’s content was it’s length.

Encouraging children to steal their parents’ firearms and bring them to school is fine, as long as you do it in under thirty seconds. Three minutes is far too long to hold adolescents’ attention.

The only other tweets I could find from @CSGV to the creator of the PSA came a few days later. CSGV wanted to know who had funded the project and why Rejina hadn’t spoken with more media about her ill-conceived video.

CSGV has not yet asked Rejina to explain why she encouraged children to violate numerous gun laws and firearm safety standards.

An archive of CSGV’s retweet and original response is available here.