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ACORN Update: PA Office Director Caught in Lie


You may recognize the above woman from an ACORN Housing video released via YouTube, and as of press time, still available on the ACORN Housing Homepage.  In the video, Katherine Conway Russel, the Office Director for ACORN Housing Corporation in Philadelphia, PA recounts her version of Mr. O’Keefe’s visit.   She claims her office only spoke with him for a few minutes, he never mentioned his supposed girlfriend would be working as a prostitute, and they were quickly booted out the door.  She even goes so far as to claim, “I’m sure he won’t show this video on his website.”

At first it seemed this was the one ACORN office that had actually refused to help O’Keefe and Giles in their quest to found an illicit, underage brothel.  After a week of daily uploads, BigGovernment.com seemed to be out of material.  Now, just over a month after releasing their last video to the public, they have decided to reveal the truth about what happened in Pennsylvania.

It turns out the Pennsylvania office spent a little more than a “couple minutes” talking to O’Keefe.  As Breitbart said in his press conference, “I can’t think of one moment where ACORN has told the truth about what James and Hannah have done.”  Not only did O’Keefe and his partner spend over half-an-hour in the Pennsylvania office, they were meeting with none other than Office Director Katherine Conway Russel, the woman pictured above.

The video systematically refutes each of the claims that Russel made about the visit in her video for ACORN.  The only legitimate claim made by ACORN is that they filed a police report.  Of course, they failed to mention the police report was filed nearly an hour after O’Keefe and Giles had left the premises for a “verbal disturbance.”  Furthermore, the report wasn’t filed by Russell; it was filed by Keith Crosby who was not a witness to the incident, and who apparently lied to the officers by claiming O’Keefe was still on the premises.  If that weren’t enough, there is no mention at all of Giles, and though Crosby told officers O’Keefe had come to apply for housing, he failed to mention all of the planned illegal activity.  Only in ACORN’s world could a largely falsified police report by a non-witness be interpreted as telling a couple you can’t help them and immediately calling the police.

Click Here to watch the video on BigGovernment.com, and decide for yourself.