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Anti-Gun Propagandist Creates Game Where Players Re-Enact Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

An anti-gun programmer named Ryan Lambourn from Australia has released a game entitled “The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary.” The game allows players to assume control of Adam Lanza and guides them through his December 2012 massacre as he murders his mother and slays numerous elementary school children.  A timer runs during the elementary school attack, and at its completion, the player is prompted to commit suicide.

After completing a first playthrough, the player is presented with two additional game modes: “eagle tears” and “gun control.” In the latter, the firearms Adam Lanza attempts to steal are locked in an impenetrable safe. The player then carries out his assault on the school with a mail-order katana.  As the timer runs out, the player attempts to commit suicide via overdose, but fails and goes to trial.

The developer claims “eagle tears” mode allows the teachers to shoot back, but that’s not quite accurate.

The game is programmed in such a way that the teachers, while armed, will never actually shoot Lanza, but only hit more children. The player can position Lanza immediately in front of the armed teacher, but instead of hitting the player’s character, the bullet magically passes through him and hits one of the children behind him. As we all know, evil people are immune to bullets which is why the police responding to active shooter situations don’t even bother bringing firearms.

The game’s credits include this rambling gun control message and encourage players to contact their governors and representatives in Congress:

Lambourn is upset that Sandy Hook hasn’t been turned into a demagogic sledgehammer to pound through regulations stripping citizens of their Second Amendment rights. Mass shootings in England and Australia were used to push through massive restrictions on gun ownership. Despite these new laws, criminals in Australia have no trouble finding firearms, and a study by the University of Melbourne concluded there was little, if any, evidence the new restrictions “had any significant effects on firearm homicides or suicides” which were already falling. In the UK, the use of handguns in crime rose by 40% in the two years after they were banned. Aren’t we supposed to learn from mistakes rather than repeating them?

Lambourn’s laughable presentation of Chicago, Illinois as a model of gun-policy liberalization is even more ridiculous than his gun-ban wishful thinking. Far from quickly expanding gun rights, the city and state have done everything they can to limit residents’ access to firearms. Illinois remains the only state in the union without some form of concealed carry provision; although, due to a recent court decision and new law, this will change by January 5, 2014.

It’s apparent Lambourn doesn’t allow facts to interfere with his agenda.

Lambourn concludes his rambling message by asking players to contact lawmakers and push for more gun control. When asked to remove the NRA Institute for Legislative Action website, which tracks pending gun bills, from his disturbing creation, Lambourn had only this to say:

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  • Ryan Lambourn is an ignorant sick F&%K. Propaganda with an agenda like this is no better than the nazi’s shooting some poor polish concentration camp prisoner in 1939 and throwing him on the german/poland border to sell the ‘polish invasion’ narrative. I might have had a little sympathy for this twit if the teachers could shoot Lanza, but that isn’t how it works in Ryan’s world is it? We all have a right to self defense folks, there’s a reason they call a gun ‘the great equalizer’. What is poor fat Ryan gonna do in gun-free Australia when criminals who don’t follow the law put a gun to his head to mug him? Maybe he can just beg his way out of it. A$$hole.