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NC Budget Zeroes Out State Funding for Most “Moral Monday” Protest Groups

As the Civitas Insitute uncovered, the leftist groups protesting the NC General Assembly raked in over $100,000,000 in taxpayer funds through state grants.  The proposed budget nearly zeroes out these involuntary contributions.  No wonder they’re screaming so loudly:

In the budget (SB 402), which looks on its way to passage, there is a lot to like. One of the good things is the de-funding of non-profits that are either  wasting money (Rural Center) or should not be funded. In the later group are the many non-profits that have been organizing the Money Monday protests at the NCGA. You can see the information on pages H15 – H17 of the SB402 Committee Report with the list of non-profits and how they are being handled over the next two years.

The only politically active non-profit that appears to keep its funding (for only one year) is The Support Center. It is still getting $2,543,021 for the coming year but will not get anything in the second year of the budget. The Support Center which was previously called The Minority Support Center was earlier identified as not only a member of BluePrintNC but also on the leadership committee of BluePrintNC.

via NC Budget Cuts Most Political Non-Profit Funding – Civitas Review.