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Liberal Ad Compares McConnell to Al-Qaeda

The liberal group “Americans United for Change” has produced an ad comparing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to Al-Qaeda. In addition to the absolute absurdity of comparing support for the Second Amendment to terrorism, the training video excerpted in the ad isn’t even accurate.

Fully automatic weapons have been effectively banned in the United States since the 1930s. You cannot simply waltz into a gun show and purchase a “fully automatic assault weapon.” The group behind the ad either knows this and is being intentionally deceptive, or doesn’t know it and is woefully uninformed about the debate they’re trying to influence.

Further, all firearms purchased at gun shows from FFL dealers still require background checks. The only sales that do not require background checks are sales between private individuals. Many of these “private sales” are parents handing firearms down to their children, or selling them to another family member.

A copy of the video is available here if it is removed from YouTube.