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Developer Brett Stalbaum Proud of Gun Geo Marker’s 1-Star Rating

Android users aren’t as nearly thrilled about “Gun Geo Marker” as the application’s developer, UC San Diego lecturer Brett Stalbaum. Since the apps release, it has received 660 one-star ratings on the Google Play market. The comments are almost universally negative, and apparently touched a nerve, prompting Stalbaum to post a petulant suggestion in the app’s store banner.

Gun Geo Marker Store Banner

Even among the 20 five-star reviews, Stalbaum can’t catch a break. One review purports to be a Mexican cartel enforcer thanking Brett Stalbaum for providing him with a firearm locator:

As you can imagine we were desperately looking for an alternative source of firearms to replace the ones supplied until last year by Mr. Attorney General Holder. This is when I found this wonderful app. Now I can locate gringo gun owners and steal their guns. Muchas gracias!

Another review notes that when he fired up the Gun Geo Locator, he “found 87 guns walkin round on their own ready to hurt people, who lets a dangerous gun out in the wild on its own.” Several other five-star reviews come from self-described criminals thanking Stalbaum for giving them a convenient way to determine which houses to avoid when planning their next robbery.

There’s plenty more ridicule to enjoy in the Google Play store’s user reviews section. It’s nice to know respect for the second amendment and our right to self-defense hasn’t yet perished, regardless of how much much Brett Stalbaum may wish otherwise.

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  • Coming soon! Fascist Geo Locator! Do you know a fascist? Have you ever wanted an easy way to locate fascist dictators, supporters, or propaganda outlets? Look no further, this app will not only help you identify fascists but will also stop the rise of fascism in the world. How? It is very simple this app will turn your phone into a microphone and record all speech around you, as speech is recorded it is also analysed by state of the art super computers, and the person is immediately notified via government hit squad, or for minor offences they will simply be locked up in a lovely camp where they will share a room with 40 other fascists in perpetuity. Ok all joking aside, this app is rediculous, thank you for your intelligent reporting on this matter. What people fail to realize is that the government already has a database of unfit gun owners, and they are the entity that will ensure your safety from these people. If the offense is not great enough for you to call the police and report a crime then it is really none of your buisiness. I do not think it is within my right to point out all vegetarian households even though a child can become severely malnourshed as a vegetarian without proper safety, such as supplement to provide the nutrients plant life is deficient in, it is none of my buisiness what you do in your home, period. I personally feel gun ownership is already being controlled far too much, or our prison system is nothing more than criminal lay-a-way. People leaving prison are supposed to be rehabilitated, and I have known a few that were completely rehabilitated, these people should not be denied thier rights as a rehabilitated criminal, and criminals who are still a danger should be left in prison. Otherwise prison is pointless, punishment is not about causing pain to the person being punished, it is about teaching that person a lesson. For example lets say you own a dog, and this dog has an accident on your floor, punishing the dog serves no purpose unless that dog can understand why they are being punished and can learn to control themselves. I am sure a lot of this may seem like rambling, but I felt you deserved feedback on your article, and felt a simple good job would not contribute in a meaningful way.

  • The White House has been tagged by app users for terrorism. No doubt the BATFE and Congress are next.

    Another user posted as NSA PRISM and rated 5 stars stating, “Neighbors make the best informants.”

  • Perhaps Brett’s house, workplace, parents, girlfriend, etc should be geo tagged so we could rent busses and fill then with freedom loving gun owners and protest. Like the left does to CEOs, bank presidents, etc. We should take up their tactics. See how they like their privacy invaded.

  • Mr. Stalbaum thinks he is oh so clever with his Phd and asinine liberal views. This man and his views are dangerous beyond measure. I can’t imagine what that moron was thinking when he joined up with that Brazilian entrepreneur of “Walking Tools”
    People like Mr. Stalbaum are sick, and that sickness is being revealed in their hysteria about gun control. When you give ignorant hysterical men and women the ability to tattle on each other from a distance you will get all sorts of crazies coming out of the woodwork. The only way the police will be able to deal with all the calls and suspicions will be to call in support in the way of the national guard.
    That will be the straw that broke the camels back, as it were because a police state is the last thing Americans want.
    Cleverness by College educated idiots may be all well and good when it comes to inventions and research that benefits mankind. Surveillance of each other is not of that Genre. Allowable surveillance of everyone by everyone else is the worst possible adaptation of our human frailties, and here it takes a Phd to pander to morons, again, thinking he is oh so clever.

  • What on earth would such an app even accomplish? Exactly what would it prevent and how would it prevent it? To quote the developer: “Also, the ontology for marking dangerous guns owners feels like an excellent start.” Who even talks like that? Oh, a “lecturer” at the UC San Diego Visual Arts Department. That makes him an expert on just about anything. I expect the Obama administration to offer him a position soon. Perhaps at the NSA.