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Irony? App Designed to Publicly Shame Gun Owners Very Concerned About Own Users’ Privacy

Earlier today, Twitchy reported on the “Gun Geo Marker” app, an Android application that lets users tag the residences of “dangerous” gun owners on an interactive map.

It seems that the zealotry of the anti-gun zombies cannot be satisfied. They will do whatever they can to destroy the Second Amendment rights of their fellow Americans — and they’re happy to snoop on their neighbors in an attempt to shame them.

While the official website of the Gun Geo Marker application pays insincere lip service to respecting our constitutional right to bear arms, the guidelines for judging a “danger” are absurd:

Of course, while you’re outing gun owners and marking their home addresses on map for nearby users to peruse at leisure, your own privacy should be staunchly defended. The “Gun Geo Marker” website not only details it’s own privacy measures, but also offers helpful tips on keeping yourself anonymous:

Be aware, of course, that installing and keeping the App on your phone is something that anyone with direct access to use your device might become aware of. Locking your mobile device with a password is a good way to protect your data in general, as is using this App only on your personally controlled devices.

Be careful with the extra information you post.

It may be useful to bear in mind that any information you submit about the context of your marked sites of concern is of course shared with every person who uses the app somewhat near to the sites you have marked. You might inadvertently reveal or provide hints about who you are to any other anonymous users who might know you.

It’s interesting the developers of an app specifically designed to violate the privacy of law-abiding gun owners are so concerned about ensuring the anonymity of the loyal public servants outing their neighbors. Shouldn’t we celebrate the efforts of those who dedicate their time to keeping our communities safe?