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Will We Break 2000 Days Without A Senate Budget?

By law, the Senate is required to pass a budget every year. By law, no budget proposal can be filibustered, so the Democrats—with a substantial majority—can hardly blame Republican “obstructionism” for their inaction. Yet, it’s already been over 1,300 days since the Senate passed a budget resolution.

At this point, why should Harry Reid even bother? The press refuses to hold him accountable for his manifest failure and they’re similarly unconcerned with the unconscionable levels of spending we’ve witnesses over the past four years. Politically, creating a public record of the red ink spilling out of Washington is probably one of the worst decisions the Senate Majority leader could make.

If he continues to stonewall the budget process without a strong, articulate opposition, I won’t be surprised if we break 2,000 days without a budget. That tally would bring us to the next midterm elections. If the Democrats maintain control of the Senate in 2014, and Harry Reid remains speaker, it wouldn’t shock me to see us break 2,800 days before the Senate passes another budget, something that should have happened nearly 1,000 days ago.

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