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Friday Flashback: Bashing GOP is Nothing New for The Simpsons

The Simpsons have a new ad out, and it has conservatives understandably peeved. The video features the show’s evil one-percenter business tycoon “endorsing” Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race. The unfunny short features literally every fringe-left complaint about Romney. From the misappropriated “binders full of women” on Burns’ side table to the “47%,” foreign bank accounts, and “I like to fire people,” Burns’ assistant recounts every pavlovian meme the left has developed since the election cycle began, and Seamus the dog is their centerpiece.

The video above, egregious as it is, is not the focus of this Friday Flashback. Instead, I’d like to remind you that, although this video is more ridiculous, it’s par for the course for The Simpsons. In 2008, they included a scene in season 20 episode 4, Treehouse of Horror XIX, accusing Republican presidential candidate John McCain of trying to steal the election from Barack Obama with rigged voting machines:

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