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Surprise: Democrats Lie About Tommy Thompson Interview

Early this morning, Brad Woodhouse, Communications Director for the Democrat Party, tweeted out some links implying Republican Tommy Thompson had said it was absurd Senators were only paid $175,000. Either Woodhouse is an idiot or a liar.

Although the full interview was unavailable on the WTMJ website, the promo was enough to put this comment in context, and ironically, Thompson was riffing on one of the left’s favorite boogeymen: money in politics. If you watch the video in context, rather than the selectively edited version Woodhouse tweeted out, it’s abundantly clear that he’s responding to the massive ad buys by his opponent (and to be fair, his own campaign).

Thompson is clearly saying it’s absurd that $40 Million to $50 Million will be spent on campaign advertisements to win a position that ultimately pays $175,000 dollars annually, a generous amount, but a paltry sum in comparison. Oddly enough, this is one of the left’s favorite talking points. But apparently, when it is (erroneously) embraced by a Republican, it’s time to creatively snip the video and pretend he was offended by the perceived meagerness of his potential wages.

I thought the Democrats hated selective editing.

The promo for the interview and Brad Woodhouse’s tweets are embedded below so you can decide for yourself.