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Irony: Washington Post Deletes Positive Reviews of Film Highlighting Media Bias

Apparently the Washington Post didn’t like it when ordinary people who actually went to see Hating Breitbart, a documentary about Andrew, posted reviews disagreeing with the paper’s 1.5 star rating. So the Post deleted their reviews, but not before Director Andrew Marcus captured screen shots for his own records.

The post denies any wrongdoing, claiming the reviews were actually deleted when they reactivated a feature on the site. Via Breitbart.com:

Marcus contacted the newspaper to find out more on the situation. The paper responded by saying the movie’s “Showtimes” feature wasn’t up on the site, and when the tech team manually reinstated the feature it erased some reviews. Marcus told Breitbart News that the reviews in question were already missing before the Showtimes returned to the page.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a benchmark, but it would be interesting to know if any other movie experienced similar review deletions. If in fact the reviews were deleted when the Post reactivated the “showtimes” feature, wouldn’t that have a system-wide effect?