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Ermahgerd!! Trump is So SToopid

Is Donald Trump the best ambassador for the right? No. I don’t even think he’s necessarily all that conservative. He’s eccentric, bombastic, and everything he does is yooj, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be effective. Look at his record:

The birther movement—if you can call it a movement—started with Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary campaign. It trundled along as a political laughingstock until Trump got involved. Mocked though he was, Trump helped to create a situation in which “There was more to be lost keeping the issue alive than there was to be gained by tarring the Republicans as the party of birthers.” Barack Obama now sells coffee mugs, buttons, and bumper stickers with birth certificates on them.

What about Obama’s college transcripts. Since before Obama’s election in 2008, folks on the right have been asking to see Obama’s college records. They have gotten nowhere, literally nowhere.

For those who think the announcement was overhyped, let’s look at what Trump actually did. Am I the only one who is reminded of Andrew Breitbart offering $100,000 in exchange for video of one, just one, instance of a Tea Partier yelling “the N word” at members of the Congressional Black Caucus during the Health Care debate? Trump is offering 50 times that amount for some transcripts and a passport application. If Obama really is the smartest president ever as his media cohorts like to call him, he should see this is a no-brainer.

And if you still think Trumps “big announcement” was over-hyped—I know I did at first—just look a the responses from die-hard progressives. If Trump’s announcement was so inherently stupid, why are they doing so much to downplay it. And why are they chucking the race card like there’s no tomorrow?

And from the Huffington Post:

Face it: even if Obama does nothing, Trump has reminded people of this administration’s history of opaqueness in the midst of the currently unraveling Benghazi scandal. Trump may not be the best spokesman for the right, but he’s not a complete idiot either.

If you haven’t watched Trump’s announcement, you can see it below: