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North Carolina: A Centenarian’s Paradise

According to data compiled by the Civitas Institute from the NC State Board of Elections’ daily report, North Carolina is a centenarian paradise. As of today, more than 1,000 centenarians have voted in the 2012 elections, and of those ballots, 73.9% have been cast at one-stop voting facilities. Of the remainder, 25.9% cast absentee ballots by mail, and .2% voted overseas.

At this point, three counties—Guilford, Cumberland, and Forsyth—account for 77.8% of all votes cast by centenarians. Guilford has recorded 359 centenarian votes, Cumberland is second with 293, and Forsyth is third with 159. At this point, no other county in North Carolina has recorded more than 20 votes by centenarians.

The same three counties account for a whopping 88.3% of all votes by individuals aged 112. Even that is not the most peculiar statistic. For Guilford county, 112 year-olds account for 98.3% of it’s 359 centenarian voters. In Cumberland, 112 year-olds account for 99% of the centenarian vote, and in Forsyth, it’s a similarly high 95.6%.

In the next three counties, 112 year-olds account for all 20 of Davidson’s centenarians votes, as well as 17 of 19 in Randolph county and 15 of 17 in Pitt county.

And how do you think these voters align politically? Although there’s no way to know for sure how their specific ballots have been cast, party affiliation is available. In North Carolina: 43% of registered voters are Democrats and 31% are Republicans. The remaining 26% are unaffiliated with the exception of a tiny Libertarian enclave. The 112 year-olds do not match this pattern. Among those 112 year-olds who have cast their ballots, 70% are registered Democrats, 25% Republicans, and just 4% are unaffiliated.

The data, available online from the NC State Board of Elections, also includes two voters who break the current age record. One of those has a claimed age of 134; the other is an incredible 239. These last two results are almost certainly typos, but that doesn’t change the irregularities with North Carolina’s solidly Democratic 112 year-old voting bloc.

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