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Give Up Your Subsidy, Keep Your Unlimited Data Plan

Verizon Wireless has decided to take a hard-lined stance against those who still have unlimited data plans with Big Red. If you want to keep that plan, you’ll have to pay the full price for your next upgrade, a major hit to your check book. Verizon is hoping the sticker-shock of an $649 – $849 up-front purchase will drive the unlimited holdouts into their new data structure. So, is it worth keeping your plan? The answer is yes.

The subsidy represents a $450 premium over two years, but even the lowest of the low tier data plans will cost you an additional $480 over the price of your current unlimited package, $30 more than if you bite the bullet on the upgrade. Here’s a chart to show how much more you’ll pay for the other data levels if you opt to keep your subsidy:

Data Tier Monthly Cost Additional Cost over 2 Years
1 GB $50 $30
2 GB $60 $270
4 GB $70 $510
6 GB $80 $750
8 GB $90 $990
10 GB $100 $1,230