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Where is Larry Kissell? Democrat Won’t Attend Convention 19.2 Miles from Office

Is Larry Kissell ashamed of being a Democrat. The party’s convention is being held a mere 10 miles from his congressional district, and just 19.2 miles from one of Kissell’s North Carolina offices, but he won’t be attending. Via the Stanley News and Press:

“Congressman Kissell plans to be working representing the people of his district that week, which will leave little time for a political event like the DNC,” [Kissell’s Communications Director Christopher] Schuler said in a statement.

Schuler said that Kissell’s absence solidifies the notion that he is focused on working for the people he represents, “not politics,” he said.

Kissell’s decision has nothing to do with politics? Does Schuler also believe Solydra was a roaring success? Kissell’s decision likely has everything to do with politics. Now that the Republicans had a chance to draw the congressional maps for the first time in over a century, his district is far more competitive. So competitive, Kissell has suddenly decided he supports repealing ObamaCare even though he voted against full repeal last year:

“I’ve heard from hundreds and hundreds of people from my district about their opposition to the health care law,” Kissell told the Observer Monday. “I voted against it originally and I will vote to repeal it.”

Kissell also said he doesn’t plan to endorse Obama for re-election and isn’t sure he’ll attend his party’s national convention in Charlotte.

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