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WBTV News Hearts #OccupyCLT, Says County Commissioner Bill James should “take his ass to Tampa”

Yesterday evening, Charlottes’ WBTV posted a story online about Bill James, one of Mecklenburg County’s commissioners, asking the Charlotte Chief of Police why occupiers were being allowed to violate the “no-camping” ordinance. James also raised the issue of liability, and asserted that as long as the occupiers were allowed to violate the ordinance, the city of Charlotte ought to be liable for anything that happens in Marshall Park:

James says since police and the city of Charlotte have decided to let protesters stay, he wants the city to assume responsibility for the park while protesters are there.

He says, “What if something happens to the protesters? What if crime occurs in there? What if people living there create crime?”

He went on to say “Because it is not designed as a residence you have a health issue. What if people who are there get in some kind of health trouble.”

But apparently someone at WBTV sees no problem with Occupy Wall Street’s antics. After local blogger and Twitter personality SisterToldjah tweeted a link to the story, she received this swift rebuke via the official WBTV News Twitter account.


As of 1:13 AM, the tweet had been scrubbed from the account, but you can see a screenshot here. (Note, the timestamp in the image is not local time).

Update #1 1:28 AM Sept. 4: WBTV “looking into it”