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Deafening Silence from the LapdogMedia on Ron Virmani

If a republican had referred to the unborn children he aborted for a living as “ugly black babies” it would have been front page news. The Justice Brothers, Sharpton and Jackson, would be protesting on his lawn, megaphones in hand. But when the abortionist is a Democrat, there is only deafening silence. To the mainstream media, this story doesn’t exist.

Dr. Ashutosh “Ron” Virmani’s comments have made the foreign press. Ron Virmani got his own article in the UK’s Daily Mail. He was mentioned in the Telegraph; they did bury the quote deeper in the story, but some mention is better than none.

So, the story was clearly publicized enough to garner international write-ups, and it’s flooded both blogs and Twitter. Now, what about the American media? I thought CNN had mentioned the story, but when I opened the single result, it turned out the reference was in a comment, not CNN’s reporting. So CNN is out, what about NBC? Nothing. ABC? Nothing. The New York Times? Nothing. The Washington Post? Silence.

Well, maybe those outlets just decided that this wasn’t an issue of national significance. And yes, I know I’m asking a lot given the constant talk of racist “dog whistles.” but bear with me. Surely, at the minimum, the local paper of record, the Charlotte Observer, will have at least mentioned the story. You could think that, but you’d be wrong.

And before you ask, I tried a number of different search terms before arriving at the conclusion that the Observer couldn’t care less about this story.

So, the same media that can’t wait to screech about “dog whistles” and “racist code words” gets a video clip dumped in their laps showing an abortion doctor going off about “ugly black babies” and they can’t even muster a blog post about it. Do you think their inaction might have something to do with Virmani’s political affiliation, or the left’s wholesale embrace of abortion, or that Charlotte will be the host city for the Democrats’ convention? To paraphrase Harry Reid, I don’t know, but it’s out there.

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