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NewsBrief Episode 6: The Stadium That Shall Not Be Named

Obama supporters want to take all the money from the rich, and only want government in the bedroom sometimes. Crickets from the Observer on Ron Virmani’s “ugly black babies” comment. Obama renomination to be held in the stadium that shall not be named. The TSA actually has a positive approval rating? US Postal Service posts a 5.2 Billion dollar loss.

Today’s links:

Obama rally attendee on the rich: “take their money, don’t take their lifestyle”
Caleb Bonham Interviews Attendees of the Obama/Fluke Campaign Event
Deafening Silence from the Charlotte Observer on Virmani’s comments
Huh: Democrats still not calling it the “Bank of America” stadium
Shock poll: TSA’s job approval rating at … 54/12?
U.S. Postal Service reports major losses… again