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NewsBrief Episode 5: Democrat Dr. Speaks of Aborting “Ugly Black Babies”

Loyal Democrat Dr. Ashutosh Ron Virmani speaks to protesters about aborting “ugly black babies;” where is the NAACP or Charlotte Observer? Romney Press Secretary uses RomneyCare as defense against Obama SuperPAC’s lying ad by defending RomneyCare. Declaration Entertainment released the first trailer for its first film, The Arroyo. A123 Systems, which received $279 million stimulus grant, moves to China. Papa John’s is raising prices thanks to ObamaCare.

Today’s Links:

Video: Charlotte Abortionist: “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies”
Abortionist Ron Virmani Tells Pro-Life Activists: ‘Let Me See You Adopt One of Those Ugly Black Babies’
Facepalm: Romney spokesperson responds to cancer ad by invoking Romneycare; #ConservativeSisterhood outraged
Video: Romney moves to embrace ‘Romneycare’
Video: The Arroyo: Official Trailer | Declaration Entertainment
Taxpayer-Funded A 123 Green Energy Company Handed to Chinese
Pizza Prices Will Go Up Under Obamacare