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Rep. Wilson Owes Congress No Apology

Joe Wilson OutburstLess than a week ago, all eyes turned on SC Representative Joe Wilson when he interrupted the President’s Health Care rally with two simple words: “You lie!”  The remark was prompted by the President’s claim that proposed Health Care “reforms” would not insure illegal immigrants.  While the bill does not specifically allow illegals to seek government coverage, it bars the system from checking citizenship effectively making any restrictions unenforceable.

Shortly after the speech, Wilson called the White House and issued a written apology for his outburst, but for some Congressional liberals that wasn’t enough.  They want him to apologize on the Congressional floor. Why?  Wilson didn’t insult Congress, he insulted the President by speaking the truth.  While his delivery could have been more tactful, he shouldn’t be ashamed for pointing out the real “misinformation.”

Furthermore, where was the outrage when Senator Harry Reid called then President Bush a liar, and stood by the comment during an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press?  Where was the outrage when Obama implied Sarah Palin was a liar for finding better terminology for government run “end-of-life counseling,” when he lied about support for the “public option” despite countless polls to the contrary, or when he accused Republicans of being obstructionist while denying every request for a meeting since April?

I think it’s time Congressional Republicans learned a lesson from their “compassionate,” “civil,” “post-partisan” friends across the aisle.  Representative Wilson doesn’t owe Congress an apology, and according to precedent, the President didn’t deserve one.  Obama lied to the American people throughout his speech, and he deserved to be called on it even if the outburst violated House rules.  Rep. Wilson was merely voicing the words that millions of citizens were shouting at their TVs.  If he does make any further statements, Wilson should take a page from Harry Reid’s playbook.  Apologize for the outburst, but stand by the claim because it is true.  Obama is a liar.