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Obama Campaign: You Could Totally Win Because Nobody is Entering Our Sweeps

Alternate Title: Obama the Loss Leader.

It seems $3 (or the hassle of jumping through hoops to enter free) is too much to ask for a chance at Dinner with President Obama. At least, that’s according to the desperate email blasted out by the Obama Campaign this morning. Apparently, we’re to believe so few people have entered that the Obama campaign staff member responsible for maintaing the donation system accidentally won:

Friend —

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

Your chances of winning Dinner with Barack (and Michelle) are MUCH better than you might think.

I know, because my name was randomly selected. That’s because I donate at least once every time we do these contests just to check that the website is working properly for you and everyone else.

Sadly for me and good for you, staff members aren’t eligible to win.

But if you were thinking you’re never going to get picked, take it from me and think again.

Then, donate to be automatically entered today.

The flight’s free. We put you and a guest up in a hotel. The President has even been known to write a thank-you note for your babysitter.

This is the definition of nothing to lose. And, if you want to bring me as your guest, I’m game.

The contest ends on Tuesday, so enter for the chance to have dinner with the Obamas:


Cat’s out of the bag,


Toby Fallsgraff
Obama for America

On the one hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out this was just a cynical ploy to boost the fundraising numbers by giving people false hope. On the other hand, the campaign’s plea arrived just after the Georgia Democrat Party slashed the price in half for a dinner with Obama because they couldn’t sell the tickets. Perhaps Obama isn’t “inevitable;” more importantly, it seems unlikely Obama will enjoy the five-to-one spending advantage he had against McCain in 2008 (you know, back when spending much more than your opponent was cool, not evil).