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Video: NC Teacher Bashes Romney, Shouts at Student for Questioning Obama’s Record

After his teacher brings up the discredited Romney bullying/haircut story, a student asks if Obama admitted to bullying a girl in high school. This simple question launches the teacher into a ten-minute tirade about how the student will not be allowed to disrespect Obama in her classroom.

She then absurdly claims that “do you know, can you realize people were arrested for saying things bad about Bush.”  If you could be arrested just for making a factually accurate but unflattering comment about the President, most of the media would be in prison.  Limbaugh would be in a super-max.

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  • Wow. Sounds like a high quality teacher. I’m sure she had the same standards when George W. Bush was president…

  • This lady sounds qualified to teach these kids…….*sarcasm*