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Epic Fail: Occupy Chicago, NoNATO Protesters Target Limbaugh’s Offices, Miss by Roughly 1,300 miles

Via NakedDC:

Because – and this is key – the Occupiers who have come to Chicago to protest whatever the hell they believe NATO is, have absolutely no f***ing clue what they’re doing. Yesterday, they organized a march and rally to offices in Chicago that they were under the impression somehow contained Rush Limbaugh:

Rush Limbaugh does not broadcast from 190 N. State. Rush Limbaugh does not broadcast from Chicago. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t even live within a three state radius of Illinois. The Rush Limbaugh Show’s offices are in New York. And, from what I understand, he doesn’t even broadcast from there. He lives in Florida.

[tweet http://twitter.com/#!/johnknefel/status/203227658920792064] [tweet https://twitter.com/#!/zdroberts/status/203229571582132224]

Limbaugh doesn’t broadcast from New York, as anyone who’s ever listened to the show.  He lives in Palm Beach, Florida, and broadcasts from a nearby studio.

Also notable, based on the above tweets timestamps, the protest was taking place roughly two full hours after the end of Limbaugh’s daily program which runs from 12PM – 3PM on the east coast.  The show is broadcast 11AM-2PM on Chicago’s WLS 890AM.

Eventually, some of the protesters caught on to the mistake, but were apparently undeterred.

[tweet https://twitter.com/#!/mollyknefel/status/203231605693751298]