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MSNBC: We’re Not Even Trying to Hide It Anymore

The above image is an MSNBC ad in Harper’s Magazine. If the charade of objectivity hasn’t completely shattered, it is in tatters. Personally, I’m happy for them. I have no problem with MSNBC being a liberal network that reads from the DNC’s script as long as they are honest about it.

Of course, they probably need a new slogan. Obama’s presidency now makes up a considerable portion of “the last ten years.”

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  • Are they talking about the 50% of Americans that pay NO taxes because their income cones solely from the other 50%? Maybe their supporting a flat tax?.. SMH …at least they are honesty in their croney “journalism” probably why Oberlein was bounced, wouldn’t drink the koolaid…or maybe if Obama gets reelected, they are angling to become the state media source….#socialists