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Never Leave Your Agenda to Chance

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“Never leave your agenda to chance.”  That’s the recurring theme of this administration, which always seems to find someone in the crowd who has the perfect question prepared for the president.  A nice slow pitch, right over the center of the plate.  As predicted, the President couldn’t resist interjecting his political agenda into an event he claimed was about encouraging students.  While I disagree with those who claim “every question was a plant,” the final question – audio provided above – didn’t conform to the style or subject matter of the student’s peers, raising suspicions that the freshman, Sean, could be the next Julia Hall.

While the other students asked questions about where the President finds his motivation; what his goals were when he was a student; and who he would eat dinner with if he could choose any person, dead or alive; Sean carefully teed up the President for a rant on the virtues of a single-payer, universal system. While it is possible that the student is simply a devout socialist to be, it is more likely he had some help coming up with his question.  How many people do you know who have to read pre-written statements to discuss their passions?

It is far more likely the President wanted to be sure he would have a chance to address the Health Care debate before his Congressional appearance tomorrow evening.  He also attempted, yet again, to produce a mandate for a Government-run system that simply doesn’t exist.  The wording of Sean’s question, and its focus on single-payer systems allowed Obama to sidestep the debate and endorse the Government takeover he has been planning since before he took office.  I have a feeling the speech tomorrow will follow a similar formula, and Obama will address “when”, not “if” the Government will take over our Health Care decisions.

Over the past six months, there has been one constant.  Obama will never depart from the script.  He will never risk his agenda to engage in genuine public discourse.