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What Part of “No Market” Was Unclear?

“We’re liberal, progressive, lefty—call it what you want, we’re proud of it.” That’s how The American Prospect describes itself, and that’s probably why, barring a bailout from Soros concerned citizens, they’re headed the way of Air America.  If you visit their website today, you’ll be hit with the following plea:

That’s a high bar to meet; it will be interesting to see if anyone with deep pockets is willing to step in and fill the gap.  It’s certainly possible, but the market for leftist publications is saturated.  Who wants to support “liberal journalism” when they’re already paying for NPR?

The only difference between the Prospect and most of the major media outlets in the U.S.: The American Prospect is willing to admit they “bring a particular worldview” to their work.  Of course, admitting you’re a liberal publication apparently doesn’t make it easier to sell your magazine.  In the Obama economy, it looks like the readers they depend on have all abandoned ship.

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