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Video: Vilma Leake’s Priorities

Democrat Commissioner Vilma Leake started the last County Commission meeting by addressing the truly important issue affecting Mecklenburg County residents.  If you thought she brought up the above-average unemployment, or opposed the decision by the DNC to ship in union workers and deny much needed convention business to local companies, or addressed the current tax system that is driving productive workers and businesses out of the county, you’d be wrong.  No, the truly pressing matter for the commission is getting to the bottom of why “her seat” at the commissioner’s table was moved.

Here’s the video:

I have a hard time believing Vilma doesn’t know why she’s no longer seated next to the Chairman. After all, she’s the one who nominated Roberts for reappointment as chairman; whereas, Codgell “initiated the five-person back-stabbing of a fellow Democrat” in order to oust Roberts from the chairmanship she’d held since 2006 and secure it for himself.

Regardless of whether or not Codgell is “a traitor and opportunist,” I must applaud the Mecklenburg County Republicans.  Whether or not they did it on purpose, they’ve succeeded in dividing the Democrats on the commission and potentially secured at least some minor input in future Commission meetings.

Hat tip to Keith Larson on WBT for finding this audio. Many thanks to Vilma Leake for brining this up at the start of the meeting so I didn’t have to go searching for the clip.

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