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Campus Weapons Get Double-Secret Probation

There’s a great scene in Animal House when Dean Wormer is conspiring to have Delta thrown off campus.  Greg Marmalard informs the Dean that Delta is already on probation.  “They are?” asks Dean Wormer, and after considering this new information, he proceeds to place Delta on “double-secret probation.”

Anti-gun advocates are a lot like Dean Wormer.  An article published by Campus Progress, a division of the ultra-liberal Center for American Progress, reports that “Advocates are calling for tougher restrictions on campus gun regulations following a deadly shooting at Virginia Tech University.”

But the vast majority of U.S. colleges already ban firearms on campus.  When you’ve already implemented a total ban, where is the room for stricter regulations?  The anti-gun crowd is so focused on stoking fear of weapons that they can’t acknowledge the simple truth: gun bans have been an unequivocal failure.  Rather than taking constructive steps to mitigate crime on campus, we’re told guns should be added to the list of items “double-secret-super-banned” from college campuses as if banning them again would suddenly solve the problem.

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