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The Jig is Up for 3D Movies

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures recently announced they’ll stop footing the bill for 3D glasses used by theater-goers at their films.  The announcement has simultaneously confirmed my suspicions and blown the cover for movie theaters.

On the one hand, I would never suggest anyone intervene on movie theater prices.  What theaters charge for a movie is the owners’ and studios’ prerogative. At the same time, since the 3D renaissance, we’ve been told that the $3-$5 added to the ticket price was to “pay for the glasses.”  In the back of my mind, I always wondered why this fee couldn’t be waived if we kept our glasses and brought them back to the next movie.  The explanation is simple: the fee didn’t pay for the glasses—which apparently only cost about $0.50 per pair.  Instead, it was just an extra fee.

If theaters want to charge extra for a “premium experience” that’s fine, but just admit it instead of pretending I’m getting $3 worth of 3D glasses at each movie.