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John McCain, Please Shut Up

9257Bipartisanship is the last thing we need right now.  Democrats control all three branches of our government; they don’t need any help passing the Health Care takeover.  While I understand they may be calling for, perhaps even begging for Republican support, their motives are not genuine.  If Democrats want your help, it’s not about coming together to do what’s best for the American People:  It’s about setting up a “fall guy” for the inevitable backlash.

Historically, Democrats have expertly shifted the blame for any of their failures to the Republican party.  Just look at the current administration.  Even after six months in office, every problem Obama encountered he “inherited” from Bush.  This Health Care legislation is the golden opportunity conservatives have been waiting for.  “The Messiah” has already decided that he is going to ram this bill through regardless of public opinion, so why not make the best of the intentional destruction of the medical industry.

If we follow McCain, and sign on with this unnecessary plan, this is what will happen.  The bill will be declared a victory for the Obama administration, and the media will depict him as a great communicator who was able to reach out to Republicans and “get things done.”  Republicans will not receive any recognition for their bipartisanship.  Then, as time progresses and all of the flaws are revealed, and the quality of care diminishes, and the cost skyrockets, and the public cries out in outrage, every single problem with the legislation will suddenly become a concession that was made to secure Republican votes.  The media will glorify the Obama administration and Democrats for their attempt to secure coverage for all Americans, but will destroy conservatives for “standing in the way.”

Instead of giving in to the false call for unity, Republicans should stand their ground and stay as far from this legislation as is possible.  Let the Democrats use reconciliation.  We’ll see how that works out for them in the 2010 elections.  This is the first chance conservatives have to force the Democrats to take ownership of their own legislation, and we need to make the best of it.  While the short-term media coverage may be unfavorable, when the system crumbles, they will have no one to blame.  While they may still try to pin the blame on Republicans, the position will be untenable when the public is reminded no Republicans voted in favor of this massive government takeover.

While I don’t necessarily condone throwing members of your own party “under the bus,” I think it is clear any Republican voting for this legislation no longer respects or represents the principles of conservatism and limited government.  As such, I think anyone who votes for this legislation should be ejected from the party immediately following the vote.  Bipartisanship didn’t work in the Presidential election, and it’s not going to work now, so either stand for our principles or get out of the way.