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Katt Williams Doesn’t Need to Apologize

The following video is from a Katt Williams stand-up comedy routine in Phoenix, Arizona. Be forewarned, the video contains plenty of expletives, both from Williams and the heckler.

Cursing aside, Williams owes no one an apology. I agree with Alfonzo Rachel; “what he said is long overdue” for individuals like the heckler. Let’s examine what actually happened:

A Mexican heckler shouts “F%&# America” during Williams’ routine. He presumably continues to proclaim the virtues of Mexico—we can’t hear everything since he doesn’t have a microphone–and eventually claims that Arizona is part of Mexico. We’ve seen these claims before at some—not all—pro-amnesty and open borders rallies.

In response, Williams took a major career risk: he stood up for his country and, to quote Rachel, “used his microphone as a club, and went to work on this heckler like he was a piñata.” Williams gave the heckler a lesson in basic geography and informed him that Arizona is part of the United States, not Mexico. And he told the heckler—who was singing the praises of Mexico—that if his home country was so fantastic, he should return to it and live there.

Despite what some in the media and self-righteous, self-appointed “community leaders” want to believe, this “tirade” wasn’t about race. When did “Mexican” become a race anyway? I thought it was a nationality. Regardless, if Williams were anti-Mexican, then why would he stop to give a shout out to “my Mexican-American homies.” He wouldn’t have.

How else do I know this wasn’t racial? Listen to the crowd; they’re all on Williams’ side. They cheer him on with every verbal blow.  Towards the end of the rant, even the Mexican heckler’s friends are desparately trying to get him to shut up. If Williams is just being racist, why isn’t anyone in the video willing to defend the heckler? Katt Williams’ “tirade” was the verbal equivalent of Casey v. bully (see video below). When a bully starts a fight and loses, he doesn’t deserve an apology.

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