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“Bipartisanship” Lacking in Stimulus Bill

The Teflon coating that bore him through the election has begun to fade as Obama continues attempting to force the “stimulus” package through Congress despite advice from economic advisers, the urging of hundreds of economics professor’s throughout the country, and the will of the country he promised he would hear. While 55% of the American populace, a cool 3% more than his share of the popular vote, believe the stimulus should be mostly, if not completely, comprised of tax cuts, and only 22% believe increased government spending will end the economic downturn, Obama has remained unyielding.

The man who claimed he would “clean up Washington” defended billions in earmarks included in the House bill and mocked the suggestion that stimulus means anything other than reckless spending. In meetings with Republicans, instead of addressing their concerns, he reminds them “I’m the President,” a trait that apparently makes him omniscient. While he claims to seek bipartisanship and cooperation he has failed to offer much, if any compromise on his side. In fact, Obama has done quite the opposite telling Democrats they neither apologize or compromise any further except on small items. His op-ed in the Washington Post held the same arrogant tone, making unsubstantiated claims about legislation that has not even reached a final revision. If that were not enough, he accuses anyone not supporting the bill of engaging in “the same old partisan gridlock that stands in the way of action.” Apparently Obama knows better than over 300 economists from across the nation who have signed a statement denouncing the plan.

It’s unfortunate that Obama has relinquished this chance to make good on his promise to cut the taxes of 95% of Americans at a time when fiscal relief is so desperately needed. If redirected to the people, the 820 billion dollar price tag would amount to around $2700 for every U.S. citizen. The average family of four would be granted an instant infusion of over $10,000. Struggling families could use this money to help pay off debt, relieving the strain on creditors and restoring the cash-flow necessary for their business. Those in better financial situations would suddenly have an influx of expendable income. While they may resist an all-out shopping spree, these families would likely resume leisure spending they had previously trimmed back.


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