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Moore Madness

According to Michael Moore and Brave New Films Cowardly Leftist Propaganda (relevant screenshot and url at the end of the page), the Koch brothers are the “wallet of the Tea Party.”  Looking past the obvious flaw that this should say wallet of the Tea Parties, as the “Tea Party” has no central leadership—unlike the left’s “grassroots” movements, it’s safe to say this would be news to most Tea Party leaders.

Frankly, it’s a shame Tea Partiers never got the memo.  Although I’ve heard of the occasional event co-sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a group that actually is connected with Charles Koch, for the most part, Tea Partiers have paid their own bills. (I know that’s a difficult concept for liberal groups who are used to having other people bus them to protests while they’re on paid “sick leave”).  If Tea Partiers had only known they had the full resources of Koch Industries at their disposal, I imagine many of their events would have been more extravagant.

Beyond the non-funding issue, if having Charles Koch’s name on the side of “your theater” is so offensive, why not pay to rename it?  I’m sure George Soros, the billionaire wallet of MoveOn.org, Think Progress, NPR, and  a slew of other leftist organizations wouldn’t mind demonstrating his personal commitment to the arts by cutting a check for this noble goal.  Or are leftists only willing to spend other people’s money on these vital institutions?  Based on their demonstrated priorities, it’s amazing liberals like Michael Moore can claim with a straight face that liberals care about supporting and sustaining the arts while evil Conservatives just write uncaring checks for $100,000,000 to keep those doors open because they don’t know what else to do with their billions.

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For the video, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AfPGcpajtg