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18 Republicans Stole Democracy? Actually, they Retrieved it

The above video demonstrates Greta’s talent as an interviewer.  While she’s willing to let the Democrat senator tell his side of the story, she’s not willing to let his 100% certified grade A BS go unchallenged.  The only people who have “stolen democracy” in Wisconsin are the Senators who chose to “hide away in Rockford.”  As Greta points out, every indication is that the democratically elected Senators followed the law and the Senate rule and passed a non-appropriations bill with the appropriate quorum.

Further, it’s simply absurd for the Democrats to complain about Senator Miller not being present. The Democrats have been hiding in another state for around three weeks.  Notice was provided, and if Miller, or anyone else, had wanted to come back to the capitol, no one was stopping them—except their union bosses, that is.

What the Democrats didn’t expect was for the Republicans to play hardball and utilize an option that has been available to them all along to “take back democracy” from the fleebaggers who’ve been holding the democratic process hostage since February.

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