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James Palmer Should Read the Wisconsin Constitution

It didn’t take long after the Wisconsin Republicans passed a unanimous resolution demanding that the Fleebagger Democrats return to the legislature for the Washington Post to find James Palmer. Palmer is the head of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. He claims, “It’s unclear to me on what constitutional authority Senate Republicans think law enforcement officers can take state lawmakers who have not committed a crime into custody.”

Perhaps Palmer should find a copy of his own state’s constitution. Article IV § 7 reads:

Each house shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members; and a majority of each shall constitute a quorum to do business, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as each house may provide

In case the above text was too complex … the Wisconsin state constitution explicitly allows the state Senate, without a majority (although in this case they have one), to force the Senators to return to Madison and do their jobs.  In case Mr. Palmer still doesn’t get it, Article IV § 7 of the Wisconsin state constitution explicitly grants a minority of legislators in either house the power to compel the attendance of the absent members by any means they deem necessary.

The Republicans have already begun fining the fleebaggers $100 per day they’re absent.  They ought to increase this value to match their equivalent daily pay, and drag one of the Senators back to the legislature as soon as possible.  It’s time to stop these Democrats from holding the democratic process hostage any longer.

You can download a copy of the Wisconsin state constitution at erik.gs/wiconst. (Full URL)

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