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Never Mind that We’re Assaulting a Senator, We’re Shouting “Peaceful” – Updated

Update: A number of sources have stated that the Assemblyman who steps in to defend Grothman is Democrat Rep. Brett Hulsey.

Wisconsin Senator Glen Grothman was just mobbed by a band of “peaceful” protesters. How do I know they were peaceful? They were shouting as much as they pinned him against the capitol doors and refused to allow him to enter the building. Fortunately, a Democrat Assemblyman steps in before the protesters can get any more out of hand than they already were.

Here’s the vide: (Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit)

A few things to note:

The Democrat Assemblyman should be commended.  I’m not sure who he is, but he was instrumental in holding theses “peaceful” protesters back, and ultimately getting them to back off and let the senator do his job.  That said, if this were a peaceful protest, his efforts wouldn’t have been necessary.  A part of me does wonder, though, is the Assemblyman a little delusional, claiming that one of the hallmarks of the event has been its peaceful nature, or was he just telling the crowd what it wanted to hear?

One of the protesters is intelligent enough to notice that “there’s cameras here,” as she dutifully sounds the alarm for the angry mob.  Wisconsin Conservatives, keep the cameras rolling.  Apparently that’s the only way to keep your senators safe.

At least one of the protesters shouts, “we want our democracy back.”  Could someone please explain the difference between a democracy and a representative republic.  Then inform him that it is not Senator Grothman who is obstructing “his democracy.”  Senator Grothman is showing up and doing his job.  The Senators who abdicated their posts and fled the state are the ones obstructing “democracy.”

Finally, “peaceful” protesters don’t have to constantly shout “peaceful protest,” and “calm down” to cover up the shouts of “F&#! You.”