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Let’s Hope House Liberals Block the Tax Deal

First, the Democrat’s vote to reject the tax deal shows just how partisan and ideological the party has become. The most Liberal House Democrats, led by Peter Welch, penned a letter to Pelosi which asserts the deals is “grossly unfair” and urges Democrats to hold fast on raising taxes for job providers. He’s right; they’re right; the tax deal is “grossly unfair,” but not for Democrats. I thought elections had consequences, but this bill is everything Democrats want, just slightly delayed. Are they really so steadfastly dedicated to raising taxes that they can’t stomach a temporary, two-year extension of the current tax rates–it’s not even a tax cut–in exchange for: potentially raising taxes in two years, another unfunded extension of unemployment benefits, ethanol subsidies that reduce fuel efficiency and destroy engines,

Furthermore, do the Democrats really think they’re going to get a better deal by stalling? The current Republicans have done about as great a disservice to the American people as possible with this deal. They also seem to be ignoring the election results. Although it’s too late to walk back now, if the deal falls through, they don’t have to offer it again, and the next Congress won’t. If the Democrats really want yet another unfunded extension of unemployment handouts, then this is their only option. Otherwise, admit that blind devotion to radical liberalism is what’s most important to the Democrat party and quit whining about how there’s no civility or bipartisanship. Once again Democrats have revealed that bipartisanship is only acceptable when it means Republicans cave. Ask them to make even the smallest concession, and all hell breaks loose.

Let’s hope Democrats remain blinded by ideology and shut down this deal. Sure, it’ll be a headache to make the new legislation retroactive, but I’d still prefer to wait, and let the new Congress negotiate a better deal for America.