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Rush Limbaugh on Renee Elmers’ Recount

Rush Limbaugh took time during his show today to weigh in on Renee Ellmers’ recount, her opponent, Bob Etheridge’s vote scrounging efforts, and the insanity in the NRCC which has once again proven its incompetence:

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RUSH: Alright, on Tuesday night Renee Ellmers in North Carolina, she is a Republican and she was leading by 2099 votes Tuesday night. The next day, Sampson County, North Carolina elections officials discovered they hadn’t reported totals from three of the county’s four early voting sites–this from Johnnie McLean, the deputy director of the state board of elections. So they found some votes, early votes, that they miraculously hadn’t counted just like in Bridgeport, Connecticut they found a bag full of votes uncounted in a tight governor’s race, and every time votes are found after the election is over, they all vote Democrat, and they all are only found in close races.

So, you had Renee Ellmers up basically 2,100 votes.  She has asked for a recount now.  She’s asked the NRCC, the National Republican Congressional Committee, to help her with the recount costs which might amount to $50,000, and they have refused.  She’s Tea Party.  Ellmers also says that the GOP, NRCC refused to help her with her campaign.  In fact, their spokesman told the press that the campaign wasn’t ready for prime time.  Her campaign didn’t deserve their help because she wasn’t ready for prime time which made it even harder for her to raise money in the first place.  She said all this in an email to supporters.

Now these lost votes, these somehow newly discovered votes, they’re always found by Democrats.  In the case of Renee Ellmers, three out of four early voting sites [had] unreported totals.  Imagine that. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a bag full.  In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a bag of uncounted votes.  This is how Al Franken ended up in the Senate from Minnesota. See, the Tea Party, can’t have the Tea Party.  The Republican Party can’t take the time to explain to America, yeah, the reason you don’t like Obama, the reason you don’t like Democrat policies is because that’s what Liberalism is.  Liberalism is why your house value is non-existent; Liberalism is why you don’t have a job; Liberalism is why we are in debt up to our eyeballs for generations. It’s Liberalism.  This is what Liberalism does.  This is what they believe.

No, instead what are we doing? We’re running to the Politico with Lindsay Grahamnesty and Trent Lott to savage Sarah Palin and blame Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell and Palin for the fact that we didn’t win our precious Senate.  That’s what the Republican Par .. And telling Renee Ellmers to go to hell.

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RUSH: Alright I’m told now that the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee is now going to go in and help Renee Ellmers. That’s right, it was Etheridge that asked for the recount by the way.  Thank you Mr. Snerdley for that bit of information, and the NRCC is now ostensibly helping Renee Ellmers.  They had to be called out on it, but they are going in there.

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