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Bob Etheridge Takes Page From Al Franken’s Book

Liberal Democrat Bob Etheridge, the same congressman who assaulted a student for asking him questions on a public sidewalk, lost his reelection bid Tuesday, but he’s not giving up. After the election results were completed, Etheridge had lost by more than 1%, the amount required to prevent a recount. Of course, that was before he just happened to find around 450 votes votes for himself. If these votes were legitimate, one would expect them to reflect the voting percentages in the area where they were recovered. Of course, they didn’t and now that he’s managed to whittle her lead down under the recount threshold, it’s about to get nasty. To make matters worse, the NRCC has turned down her request for assistance in funding the recount.

Conservatives need to learn from the Al Franken debacle.  They must not only aggressively challenge not only the votes that Etheridge “finds” but they also need to be assertive in counting votes for Ellmers.  Franken won by finding votes in cars , correcting “typos” (all in his favor), and claiming that voters who left the Senate race unmarked on their ballots had intended to vote for him.  Naturally, the Board of Elections agreed with him.  I expect Etheridge to receive similar treatment from North Carolina’s Democrat-controlled Board of Elections.

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